W h a t  I s
C u s t o m w e a r?

Customization is taking a product and modifying it so that it fits a single customer’s unique preferences. Customizing your favourite gear gives you the opportunity of becoming your own personal stylist.

Some might say that customization of streetwear is a trend that started in the ’80s by the fashion mogul Dapper Dan. From 1982 until it closed in 1992, Dapper Dan’s Boutique on 125th street in Harlem
churned out gear that has come to define the custom era.

Dan customized gear for New York’s Hip-Hop elite such as RUN DMC, Public Enemy, Fat Boys and many more. Contemporary fashion has lately seen successful collaborations between brands such as SUPREME and Louis Vuitton – it is safe to argument that the visionary fashion mogul Dapper Dan was 30 years ahead of his time.

Whereas Dapper Dan introduced luxury to the streets, Marc Jacob aimed to bring Louis Vuitton into the lives of young people. We see these happenings becouse fashion isn’t just for the elite any more, and FITINK aims to bring the best out of the both worlds together – by customizing and producing high quality #customwear.

The customization trend is rapidly growing in USA, UK and Asia. It is just a matter of time before Europe catches on. 


What are sneaker CUSTOM-FIT's?

Sneaker customs is a unique trend where you customize your sneakers. Think of it as getting a tattoo but rather on your sneakers.

What are sneaker PRE-MADE's?

PRE-MADE is a selection of sneakers that were customized in the FITINK lab.

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What is the 1of1 policy?

At FITINK we strive for originality. This means that all of our customs are intended to be one of a kind. By ordering these Pre-Made’s you are aware of our 1of1 policy and expecting to be contacted by our designers to add a personal touch to a completed Pre-Made custom sneaker purchase. 

*Note that our Pre-Made section is only intended to inspire and provide a price estimation of a particular design. All of our custom works are unique, and modified to customers original preferences. Customization is taking a product and modifying it so that it fits a single customer’s unique preferences.

How do I order a custom pair of sneakers, and what does REQUEST mean?

We believe that we are taking the necessary responsibility of custom culture and its market by offering request invoices instead of direct purchases. This way we have the ability to cancel customs that do not glorify the culture. 

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Order directly from PRE-MADE

How does FITINK customize sneaker customs?

We only customize original sneakers with methods such as tailoring, embroidery, airbrushing, hand painting & manufacturing materials from original sneaker brands.

We strive for quality – our designers are continuously improving and pushing boundaries of what is possible to achieve through the custom process. Please check out our Instagram for a peak of our previous work.

How are customs any different from fake models, and is this legal?

FITINK is something like the MTV show Pimp My Ride.
We only customize original brand sneakers, and not in any way are we attempting to undermine the successful brands.

Customising sneakers is legal and is a massive trend in UK & USA.

What is the time period for the delivery of sneaker customs?

We strive to ship the customs within 4 weeks once the order is successfully processed.

Delivery time depends on the complexity of the design. Small details can be completed within 2/3 work days, more complex need several days. There are quality checkpoints that might extend the customization process.

Can you provide me the pricing model for sneaker customs?

Final price depends on the complexity of the design and material usage. 

Our starting price is set at NOK 999. 
The more complex customization, the costlier it gets. Something like getting a tattoo.

Do you customize other sneaker models?

Yes, in our CUSTOM-FIT section you can click on Other Models and fill out the required information.

Can I deliver my brand new sneakers for customization?

Yes, on button of our page there is a Deliver In link.

For high-end sneakers, a validation certificate must be provided.
FITINK does not cover shipping to our sneaker lab.

Ethical Diamonds

The term “ethical diamond” has emerged as a way for conscientious consumers to identify diamonds that are mined without exploiting workers or the environment.

Our Diamonds are NOT from konflicted areas or blood diamonds.


What Is Custom Jewelry?

We customize jewelry based on desires and dimensions that fit a single customer’s unique preferences. We customize and design all sort of jewelry in gold, silver and with diamonds. Our blacksmiths have over 25 years of production experience and they produce jewelry with high-quality standards.

How Do You Customize Jewelry?

With the help of Norwegian based company AWE Customs, we use 3D printing and advanced laser technology combined with traditional handmade production to produce custom jewelry. 

Can you engrave a logo or artwork?

We can engrave almost any artwork. However, cannot engrave photographs. Please contact us and we can review artwork and provide you with a proposal.

What is the cost for engraving?

The cost for engraving varies from item to item. Some items may not have a fee for engraving, some items may have a flat fee for engraving, and other items may have fees per line.

What kind of engraving machine do you use?

We use the most advanced Lasers technology and rotary engraving machines available.

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